Portrait Artist in London


Apr, 2017

Portrait Artist in London

Portrait Artist in LondonLooking for a portrait artist in London can be a long and winding journey. The first thing you need to do is identify the level of skill and quality you want in a portrait. For something casual, any street-side artist will do the job. However, if you want a portrait worthy of taking centre place on your walls, you want an artist like Rob Hefferan. Hefferan’s masterful portraits combine the realism of a photograph with the unique stylings and personal touch of beautifully painted artworks. His portraits are painted in acrylic or oil paints and stunningly capture the subject in a tasteful and distinctive light.

Do not exhaust all your resources in London looking for a portrait artist. Call Rob Hefferan directly to arrange the ideal portrait. His work is recognised across the globe and positioned at the forefront of contemporary art today. His exploration of creative themes and boundaries transform each of his artworks into beautiful, arresting images that draw the viewer in and hold them captivated. His striking visual realism makes any portrait an accurate representation of the subject, while his painterly technique adds a depth of personality and allure that a photograph could never accomplish. This makes his portraits ideal gifts for memorable occasions or cherished family and friends. A portrait is a wonderful way to commemorate an engagement, wedding, birthday, new addition to the family, and so much more.

When you are looking for a portrait artist in London, you may also be thinking about the price. Top quality artwork is not known for its affordability. Rob Hefferan’s portraits begin at a very agreeable £995, which includes the professional framing and delivery costs as well. You can commission a Hefferan portrait in any size, whether it is a small and modest close-up or a large and lavish family portrait that covers the hallway wall. Contact Rob Hefferan today if you are looking for a portrait artist that paints personality and the extraordinary with every brushstroke. His paintings will leave you breathless and act as a lasting testament to the beauty of the portrait subject.