Family Portrait in Liverpool


Nov, 2017

Family Portrait in Liverpool

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Family Portrait in LiverpoolWhy not take that perfect family photo and let Rob Hefferan turn it into a keepsake family portrait in Liverpool? He is a gifted artist and a rising star among contemporary collectors. Digital photographs are clear and sharp so family photos are more realistic than ever before in history. Yet, as good as they are they can’t capture the personality of the subject. A photo of excellent quality and a personal meeting with Ron eliminates the need for an old-fashioned portrait sitting. If your only reason for denying yourself an original family portrait is the tedium of sitting long hours with squirming children, then you are out of excuses. Ron’s talent will bring that family photo to life. If you need an excellent quality family photo, Ron can use a camera to get just the shot he wants from which he will create your portrait.

You probably remember portraits with subjects in an unnaturally stiff posture and think that’s not your idea of a piece of art you want to live with. In Liverpool, family portrait can be created from wonderfully candid moments. A real moment in time and the mood of the subjects is captured in oil forever. Every day as the years pass by you will look at the portrait and remember that day at the beach with the kids or other special venue. You will remember how their eyes shined, the touch of their skin and the sound of their laughter. Your family portrait will become more precious as the years pass.

Surprise your parents with a family portrait in Liverpool as a holiday gift this year. Don’t wait until it’s impossible to get the family all together at one time. The older the kids get the more difficult the scheduling is. Contact Ron Hefferan and schedule a consultation. Let him create an heirloom family portrait so future generations can see more than a photo of their grandparents and great-grandparents. With Ron’s talent they will feel as though they can see the sparkle in an eye, recognise their own funny smile and have of sense of the personalities of those who came before them. At the very least you will have an outstanding piece of artwork created especially for you by one of the finest portrait painters of this generation