Family Portrait in Brighton


Jun, 2017

Family Portrait in Brighton

Family Portrait in BrightonA family portrait in Brighton is an excellent way to unite the members of your family and bring them together in a wonderful display of love. Do you have a photograph of your family from last Christmas that sits quietly in a small frame on the mantelpiece, hardly noticeable from a distance? Why not transform that photograph into a stunning work of art that can be as big as your entire living room wall? If you prefer a more manageable size, a painted family portrait can be made to specific dimensions for a perfect fit in your home. Do you struggle to get all the family members together under one roof, or was someone missing from your last family photo?

Simply find a photograph of that individual and bring it, together with the photograph of the rest of the family, to Rob Hefferan. In Brighton, family portrait artist Rob Hefferan will create a beautiful portrait of your family using your photographs as reference. This cuts out the long hours of sitting and posing for a portrait, which is especially useful if you have younger family members who get restless easily. It also means that the rest of the family will be in for a great surprise when they see the amazing artistic renditions of themselves hung on your wall. There is no doubt that each family member will be able to recognise themselves in the portrait; Rob Hefferan is renowned for his visual realism and incredible mastery of shape, form, light and colour.

When you commission a family portrait in Brighton with Rob Hefferan, you are guaranteed a breathtakingly stunning result. Choose between acrylic and oil paint and specify the size of canvas that you prefer. Included in the price you pay is the professional framing of your portrait and the delivery as well. Contact Rob Hefferan for a family portrait that beautifully captures the loving sentiment of family values. While startlingly realistic, Hefferan’s portraits are intricately painted and offer vast amounts of style, grace and sophistication.