Acrylic Portrait in Brighton


Jul, 2017

Acrylic Portrait in Brighton

Acrylic Portrait in BrightonWhy choose an acrylic portrait in Brighton? Artists who use acrylic paints to create a portrait are able to create both sharp effects seen with oil colors and soft effects that are seen with water colours. Even though most people associate oil colors with portraits, modern day artists give preference to acrylic paints. Apart from its quick drying benefits, there are a wide range of rich and bold pigments. Acrylics are also used in conjunction with pencil, paper, linen, canvas and charcoal. Put together, all these elements add to the depth and realism of the portrait.

If you live in Brighton, an acrylic portrait can be commissioned by Rob Hefferan. A specially commissioned portrait is the best gift to present your spouse on your anniversary. You can also opt for a family portrait to hang in your formal drawing room. By commissioning our studio for your portrait, you’re investing in a memory that will last for a life time. A commissioned portrait also speaks volume about you and your status. It used to be a sign of status amongst the affluent. Many old families have a bespoke portrait hanging in their palatial homes. Today, this luxury is accessible to many. My portraits are able to capture the essence of your personality. To me a portrait is more than just a reproduction or photocopy of the real person on canvas. I want your acrylic portrait to speak to your emotions. It should evoke a feeling of awe in your guests. This is what I aim to do, time and time again.

If you’re thinking about getting a portrait done, consider an acrylic portrait in Brighton. For an acrylic portrait, contact me directly. Only an acrylic canvas painting can capture the true likeness of you. Not only will this gracefully adorn your wall but it will eventually become an heirloom piece that will be passed on to future generations. To get your own personal heirloom painting, give me a call today.