Acrylic Portrait in Birmingham


Jun, 2017

Acrylic Portrait in Birmingham

Acrylic Portrait in BirminghamStand out from the crowd with an acrylic portrait in Birmingham. In this age of DSLRs and 20MP cameras, everybody can take photos. But not everyone can catch those magic moments or capture those exceptional expressions and record them for posterity. Not only that, but taking a memorable photo goes beyond snapping and filtering. You need to create the right composition, frame the best lighting, and catch the subject at the exact instant that gives the best result. And even if you get all that right, you have a digital image that can be lost, corrupted, or worse, turned into a meme. Why take that risk when you can create a picture perfect portrait and have it on canvas for everyone to fawn over?

In the past, only the rich and famous ordered portraits – they were for kings and princes and royal lords. In Birmingham, an acrylic portrait ownership will still give you prestige. While all your friends and neighbours have framed photographs, you have a unique, valuable portrait on canvas. It will never be out of date, and can give you an old-world sense of class and sophistication. Unlike a photo which is an almost random slip of time, a portrait is diligent and deliberate. You have full control of what you wear, how you look, where you pose, and you can use all this to get your image in the best light, both literally and figuratively. You can commission a portrait of yourself or offer the opportunity to a loved one as a gift. Actually, you can have a portrait done and give that portrait to someone you care about.

The style of an acrylic portrait in Birmingham can differ, based on client needs. It can be painted with photographic detail, or depicted using classic painting techniques. Your portrait can be intimate and mysterious or direct and concrete. You can appear alluring and sensual or professional and corporate. How you would like to be displayed is entirely up to you. It will be done meaningfully, memorable, and on quintessential canvas. Contact Rob Hefferan today about an acrylic portrait. Explore the wonder of memories on canvas with an magnificent acrylic portrait.